8 Ways to Style a Black and White Striped Tops

by Bisma Khan
A woman wearing black and white striped tops

Black and white striped tops are simple, yet super stylish! They are the perfect top to add to your closet this season. Whether you’re wearing it with jeans or leggings, you can throw on this top and be ready to go in less than five minutes! Here are eight ways to style a black and white striped top this season…

1) The Classic Date Night Outfit (Image)

a couple is sitting wearing black and white striped tops

This outfit is chic and stylish. Make sure to match everything exactly when you wear it on your date. You can always add in a different purse or shoes depending on your mood, but make sure they are of similar colors if you’re going for an exact match.

Black and white striped tops women go great with black pants, but if that’s not your style or too formal, try some denim jeans or brown pants instead.

For shoes, dressy black sandals would go well with any outfit like these, but if you want something simpler, wedges are an awesome shoe choice for any outfit—and just about every situation. And what will you wear? A cute hairband!

2) The Business Casual Look with Black and White Striped Tops

The phrase business casual has historically meant dress pants with a blouse or a polo, paired with chinos or khakis. These days, though, business casual looks are more varied than ever. Depending on your office culture, you can get away with jeans, slacks, and even shorts—as long as they’re not tattered!

When in doubt, avoid any details (shoes, jewelry) that will make it harder for you to fit in. If you’re wearing all black or white—no stripes—remember that tiny details like buckles still count as patterning and can throw off your entire look. One common mistake when wearing striped tops for women is buying something colorful but restrained, such as an eggplant-colored shirt. You want stripes with bold colors.

3) Wear it with Camo

Since camo is all about blending in, it makes sense that it would work well with black-and-white stripes. Try pairing your top with some dark green, tan, or black camo bottoms for an on-trend look. Black boots look great with both tops as do cuffed jeans.

You can even try wearing white camo pants for a completely different vibe. For shoes, try something like riding boots or oxfords for guys or stilettos for girls. We love these from Dolce Vita! If you have fun jewelry, add those too – they’ll stand out against your striped top while still giving off that military vibe.

4) The Bohemian Boho Look

The boho-chic style has been making waves for several seasons now. To create an outfit that’s ideal for bohemian occasions, opt for fabrics like flowy chiffon or soft, light cotton knit with patches sewn in. If you want to dress down your top and make it suitable for everyday wear, wear black skinny jeans with it.

Cutoffs are also flattering with a big, graphic top because they flatter your legs but still reveal some skin. Black leggings are another option that is especially comfortable if you plan on wearing your new black and white striped top all day long. For shoes, choose wedges or sandals because they tie into the Boho feel perfect while also giving off major comfort vibes.

5) Dress it up with Wedges

Black and white striped tops for women can be dressed up with wedges. This look is ideal for daytime outings that include time on your feet. Wedges have become an incredibly popular fashion trend in recent years, but they’re actually an old shoe design that goes back hundreds of years.

The ancient Egyptians used wedge-shaped bricks in their construction of pyramids, while seventeenth-century English ladies wore shoes with high heels to maintain their posture while wearing heavy skirts. Today, wedges remain stylish and comfortable, providing you with a simple way to switch up your outfit without purchasing anything new.

6) Add Pattern with Jeans

Flat lay of men"u2019s clothing and personal accessories arranged for traveling. Menswear with backpack and shoes are on gray background.

One of our favorite ways to style a striped top is with the pattern. It’s as easy as adding a pair of jeans, like these flare-leg beauties. If you want to dress up your black and white top, try wearing it with an animal print or floral pair of pants; if you’re going for more of an off-duty vibe, we suggest sticking with straight leg or skinny jeans.

Whether you choose high-waisted or skinny cuts, make sure they fit well around your waist (no muffin tops!). By choosing clothes that match well in color, you’ll create visual balance; having something fun on your bottom half will make any simple shirt pop!

7) Liven it Up with Printed Pants

The key to wearing black-and-white is not to take it too seriously—because a fully monochromatic outfit can start to look, well, a little scary. If you want some spice, try adding some lively pieces: high heels in pink or green, bright earrings or necklace, maybe even a scarf.

The bottom line is that there are many ways of wearing black-and-white stripes so that it looks anything but boring. So go ahead and wear those black-and-white striped tops for women, after all, they look pretty great with blue jeans or even white pants!

8) Try It with Yoga Pants

When we think of stripes, most of us usually picture them in a horizontal or vertical orientation. Why not switch it up? And, if you are going to experiment with stripes on your outfit, why not do it on an interesting top like a black and white striped tee or blouse?

And there’s another twist; why not pair these stripes with leggings like Nike’s black/white/volt women’s leggings. These bright-colored bottoms create enough visual interest to make your plain striped top look exciting. Girls in yoga pants with patterned tights can really give anyone looking for fashion inspiration some great ideas for pairing fabrics and colors together.


There are tons of stylish ways you can wear black and white striped tops! At first glance, it might seem like there’s only one option. But if you start experimenting with different styles, you’ll quickly discover how much style potential is hidden in your closet. Use what you have, put together outfits that make sense for your lifestyle, and never be afraid to step outside of your comfort zone. You never know which style will strike gold!

Try out some of these tips for styling your black and white striped tops for autumn. Share what you do in your comments below! You can also send me an email if you have any further questions about blogging or writing. I am looking forward to hearing from you! 😊


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