9 Unique Ear Piercing Ideas to Stand Out From the Crowd

by Bisma Khan
ear piercing ideas

Ear piercing has been around since ancient times and it’s still as popular today as it was back then. You might think that ear piercing no longer surprises or excites us, but wait until you see these nine unique ear piercing ideas! Your friends and family are sure to be jealous when they catch sight of your new piercings, even if they are tired of seeing the same old standard designs time and time again.

1) Hoop Earrings

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Hoop earrings, like these from Juliana Patiño, add instant edge and artful personality. If you want an edgy look but don’t want to go with a traditional stud, go for a thicker pair of hoops in metal and different textures. Alternatively, wear them around your neck or wrist.

They’re also trendy enough that they can be used as everyday jewelry pieces, even if you get them done professionally!

2) Tiny Studs in your Lobes

If you’re looking for a way to show off your style, but don’t want to wear massive chandelier earrings or a tattoo on your ears, tiny studs are a good choice. It’s also easy for people with large piercings that haven’t healed properly because of an ear piercing infection treatment. If you want smaller hoops, look for small silver rings made from titanium; they won’t irritate or trap moisture in your ears like nickel or brass.

3) Short Dangle Earrings in your Lobes

Ear piercing types differ by location and size, but if you have a smaller earlobe, there’s one simple strategy for making it look larger: wear shorter earrings. Long dangly earrings can be visually overwhelming and draw more attention to your lobes than you want.

For instance, large dangling hoops with diameters of more than 2 inches will appear heavy and awkwardly long on your ears. Rather than wearing long dangle earrings in your lobes, you can opt for shorter drop or stud-style hoops. Earrings with less weight won’t create as much visual pull as large hoop styles that weigh down small ears.

4) Long Dangly Earrings that Hit your Collarbone

There’s a reason why they say diamonds are a girl’s best friend, and long earrings do a great job of complimenting your style and making you look classy. Try something long but dangly so it almost touches your neck for some extra chic points. Make sure that it doesn’t have any sharp or rough edges, though; that would just hurt!

If you decide on something with some bling to it, make sure that there aren’t any small stones because those can get lost in your skin. The last thing you want is an ear-piercing infection treatment!

5) Two Long Nose Rings

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To get a truly unique ear piercing, try having two nose rings in your ear cartilage. This is not a common piercing type and will immediately make you stand out in a crowd.

It may take some time to become accustomed to both nose rings if you are someone who wears traditional studs or hoops all of the time, but once you do, it is guaranteed that people will start noticing and asking about your unique look.

You could also opt for two hoop rings on one side of your ear as well. Regardless of which route you decide to go, remember that there are some risks associated with a long nose ring (or multiple piercings) so proceed with caution and be sure to follow up with your doctor if there are any signs of infection or other complications.

6) One Long Nose Ring with Three Short ones in the Lobe

If you’re looking for something a little more daring, why not go for a long nose ring with three short ones on your ear? This is quite popular amongst celebrities and can create quite an attention-grabbing look. The piercing can hurt, however, so make sure you take some painkillers before having it done!

If your piercer recommends something else, always do what they say – they’ll be more knowledgeable about best practices and won’t want to see you get an infection.

7) One Short bar and Three Longer in your Lobes

For a really unique look, consider a lobe piercing in three different spots. The main challenge with a piercing like these is that they are rather prone to get infected and can be uncomfortable until they heal properly. Make sure you clean them well after each shower or bath and keep your hands off!

Talk to your piercer about how often you need to do an ear piercing infection treatment, otherwise, bacteria could set in and cause problems later on. If you’re squeamish, two piercings on one shorter piece of jewelry may be a more comfortable option.

8) Three Shorter Hoops Right above your Earlobe

This type of ear piercing is one of those things you’ve probably seen on celebrities or fashion bloggers but maybe haven’t actually considered trying yourself. The idea behind these types of piercings is that they follow a straight line from your top earlobe to your bottom, and then curve inward in short hoops at both ends.

If you want three short hoops above your ears for some reason, just take into account that you may be limited in earring styles (so only wear studs) and that it might be difficult to clean around—you might need tweezers!

But if you have smaller ears and like hoop style earrings, though, three shorter hoops above your ears could be a great new look for you.

9) Big Dangling Hoop on One Side, with Two Medium Size Hoops next to it, Separated by a Nose Ring

The big hoop earring is for someone who doesn’t want something small and dainty but also wants some heft. The same goes for a set of medium size hoops—you don’t want something super tiny, but you do want something that makes a statement. But you don’t have to have just one piece of metal in your ear—why not have two? Separated by a nose ring, they make an edgy yet still elegant statement that can be dressed up or down depending on what else you wear.


While there’s no such thing as a guaranteed safe ear piercing, you can significantly reduce your chances of infection by following proper aftercare. While it’s hard to predict whether or not an infection will occur, follow these nine ear-piercing ideas, and you could have an extremely low risk of developing an ear-piercing infection. Remember: like many things in life, what feels good isn’t always good for you. A little discomfort now will pay off big down the road by making sure your new piercing stays healthy for a long time.


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