Get Rid of Unwanted Facial Hair Fast with Laser Removal

by Bisma Khan
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Your facial hair doesn’t have to be a permanent feature of your face. Today’s technology has created more and more reliable methods to remove facial hair, from creams to waxing to epilators. However, if you’re looking for something that can get rid of your unwanted facial hair in the fastest, most painless way possible, laser hair removal might be the best option out there. Here’s how it works and how it can help you achieve smooth skin once again!

What is a Laser for Facial Hair Removal?

Laser hair removal for the face is a popular cosmetic treatment that uses lasers to zap away unwanted facial hair. Laser facial hair removal cost ranges from $300 to $500 per session, which might seem expensive but could save you time and money in the long run.

If you’re looking for permanent results and don’t want to pay a professional, it might be worth trying out an at-home laser hair removal system (like one from Silk’n or Neutrogena) instead. Do-it-yourself machines are cheap—especially when compared to paying for laser treatment—and can give you some relief from your unwanted facial hair quickly.

Know What Type of Skin You Have Before Undergoing Treatment

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Laser hair removal for the face works best on darker skin types. Ideally, your Fitzpatrick Skin Type is 1 to 3. The laser doesn’t penetrate as deeply into lighter skin and can cause unwanted pigment changes in a more severe case. Additionally, if you’re Asian or have very fair skin, chances are you have an exceptionally light complexion.

Your results will be even more dramatic should you choose to undergo treatment. For lighter complexions, consider other options like electrolysis or waxing before choosing laser hair removal for the face as your go-to option.

Steps Involved in Getting Laser Hair Removal

Facial hair removal is one of many possible reasons to opt for laser treatment. Here are some tips for getting facial hair removed by laser. For quick, effective facial hair removal, you can go in for IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) or laser treatment. It usually takes 2-6 sessions before seeing results and costs between $800 and $1000 per session.

Both are non-invasive, painless treatments. While they do not remove 100% of hairs permanently, they can ensure that new hairs don’t grow back so thickly or darkly in treated areas such as the chin or upper lip that they look obvious to others – which means it offers a degree of confidence and self-esteem you might not otherwise have.

Side Effects After Getting Laser Facial Hair Removal

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Some patients experience redness, swelling, and pain at the site of treatment. It is recommended that you avoid direct sunlight for a few days following treatment and limit sun exposure after that to minimize your risk of a possible burn. Most patients will notice an improvement in their skin as well as a reduction in hair growth after just one session, but complete results are often achieved with follow-up treatments.

If you are in need of facial hair removal by laser procedure please contact a local dermatologist before starting any home remedies or over-the-counter products to avoid further problems.

Tips When Getting the Procedure Done

The laser facial hair removal cost ranges from $150 to $500, which is really all you need to worry about when deciding if you should try it out. Of course, a lower price tag isn’t going to mean you’re necessarily getting a deal because lasers are still very much an expensive machine and it can be hard to tell whether or not a company is being realistic about how much money they charge for their treatments.

One way to save some money is by opting for only targeted areas that are smaller in size like your upper lip or chin, but then again laser hair removal on these parts usually takes more than one session since we’re just starting out.

Where to get it Done?

Answering that is easier said than done. After all, we usually do not have much experience when it comes to laser removal and tends to have some general guidelines as to how to get it done. As for what you can do for laser facial hair removal before and after, that’s completely up to you.

In fact, one could say it’s a good idea to ask around or visit a couple of different places before making a final decision on who you should get your procedure from – all in order to reduce those unwanted hairs from your face.

How Much Does it Cost?

You’ll need to take your skin type into account when you begin shopping for laser hair removal. At-home remedies can be a good option for someone with light, thin facial hair. However, if you have thick dark hair or olive skin it may not be possible to get rid of unwanted facial hair on your own.

Ask around: Friends and family members who’ve undergone laser hair removal will usually tell you about their experiences, and how much it cost them to get rid of unwanted facial hair.

These discussions can help point you in a direction and answer important questions such as: What does laser facial hair removal cost? How often do I need sessions? Are there other treatments that are more effective than lasers?


When you have a laser hair removal appointment in Scottsdale, you can count on a superior laser technician to get rid of your unwanted facial hair. It’s crucial to remember, however, that not all lasers are made equal. A MedLite C6 laser is significantly more effective than many other lasers for facial hair removal on patients with darker skin. This machine works faster and removes more hairs in less treatment because it emits long-pulsed, carbon dioxide laser energy into pigment in your follicles. If you’re looking for an effective and safe way to get rid of unsightly or painful hairs on your face, there’s no better option than laser technology at our Scottsdale practice.


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