Is Laser Facial Hair Removal Really Worth It?

by Bisma Khan
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Laser facial hair removal has gained popularity in recent years as more and more people decide to either remove their facial hair or reduce its growth altogether, as it’s been shown to be one of the safest, most effective methods of permanent hair removal available today. However, how effective is it? Is laser for facial hair removal worth it? Read on to find out!

What Exactly is Laser Hair Removal?

In laser hair removal, a laser beams pulses of light at skin that contains unwanted hairs. The lasers travel deep below your skin’s surface to damage hair follicles and prevent regrowth. Your technician will move through small sections of your face, doing each section only once or twice before moving on to another area.

How much does it cost: With prices ranging from $100-$500 depending on location and how much of your face you want to be treated, facial hair removal by laser is an investment in convenience—you won’t have to grow out a short, untidy beard just so you can test out a 5 o’clock shadow again during summer’s dog days.

Things to Consider Before Deciding to Get it Done

Yes, laser hair removal for the face is a great option for getting rid of those pesky hairs that keep popping up in the wrong places. However, before getting it done, make sure to consider certain factors such as whether or not you can afford it.

Although laser hair removal for the face may seem like a good idea because of its long-term effects, prices can run from $10-$300 per session depending on how much hair needs to be removed. It is also suggested that anyone who decides to get facial laser hair removal first ask their doctor if they are healthy enough to do so since some medications may react with lasers and harm your skin.

Overall, laser hair removal for the face is a good idea if you want to get rid of those pesky hairs that keep popping up in places you don’t want them. Laser hair removal for the face is better than waxing or tweezing because it does not cause any skin damage or other side effects that come with methods like these.

Procedures involved in Laser Facial Hair Removal

laser facial hair removal

Though it may seem difficult to remove facial hair with a laser, several different techniques can be used. The type of laser that you use will determine which techniques are available to you. If you choose one of the more powerful lasers, such as an erbium laser, you will only be able to target hairs that are in their growth phase and give full body treatment.

If you use a YAG or diode laser, on the other hand, you can also target hairs that are resting in their growth phase and give spot treatments as well. In either case, though, most doctors recommend beginning with whole body treatments because they provide faster results and because it helps patients become accustomed to sitting still for long periods.

Side Effects of Laser Facial Hair Removal

According to The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, you may experience some irritation, swelling, and redness after undergoing laser facial hair removal. These side effects are usually mild but should be brought to your dermatologist’s attention if they do not go away within a week or two.

More serious complications include burns, scars, and pigmentation changes, though these are rare cases. Your dermatologist can discuss these risks during your consultation; he or she can also advise you on what causes skin irritation as well as how to manage it before your procedure.

With any cosmetic treatment, there is always an inherent risk of side effects — however minimal they may be — so make sure that you have all of your questions answered before getting started with laser hair removal treatments.

Laser Facial Hair Removal Cost

The cost of laser hair removal can vary by location, but at $50-$150 per session, it’s certainly no cheap procedure. Before you shell out any cash, though, be sure to do some comparison shopping; prices vary widely based on where you live and which provider you choose.

If you decide to go with laser hair removal for your facial or body hair, be prepared for a long and expensive journey. You may have to undergo upwards of 20-30 sessions before noticing visible results—that is, if you see results at all. A good course of treatment will set you back anywhere from $1,000 – $3,000 over a year.

Laser Facial Hair Removal Before and After

3 Examples – Business Insider: The advantages of laser facial hair removal over waxing include less pain, smaller scars, and faster hair growth. However, if you have dark skin or have recently been sunburned, your chances of getting a bad reaction to laser treatments increase. This could cause hyperpigmentation on your face that takes months to fade.

Laser therapy is also more expensive than other forms of hair removal such as waxing and epilating, costing between $300-$600 per session depending on how much surface area you’re treating. Overall though, most doctors believe it’s worth it given that studies have shown laser treatment results in 96% permanent hair reduction in women who are regularly treated every three to six months.

Post-procedure Care, Results, and Maintenance Steps

laser facial hair removal

Some common side effects of laser facial hair removal include pain, redness, and blistering. While it may be tempting to remove your bandage early, you should keep it on for at least a few hours. You’ll also want to limit your exposure to direct sunlight for several days as well since sun exposure can cause scarring.

Finally, be sure to follow your doctor’s instructions on when and how to apply topical medications—these can help with skin irritation after treatment. If you have any questions about what results to expect or are nervous about taking steps toward facial hair removal by laser, consider consulting with a dermatologist who offers these treatments—they’ll be able to provide more information on potential side effects or other concerns that might affect your decision.


After reading my honest experience and thorough research on laser hair removal, I’ve decided to give it a try. While I don’t have a lot of facial hair, I do get hair on my cheeks that need to be shaved every few days. Using a laser for facial hair removal could potentially save me time and money.

Laser treatments aren’t cheap and can cost $100 or more depending on your location, but you could potentially save time—laser can eliminate those unwanted hairs after just one session rather than visiting a barber every few weeks (or even months). Though most services will require follow-up sessions to complete all treatment areas, it could end up saving you time down the road as well.

If you have facial hair, I highly recommend taking a serious look at laser for hair removal. With cost and time savings potential, it’s hard to go wrong with laser treatments! And hey, no more razors and shaving cream—just relax while your hair disappears over time. From my research and experience, it seems like an excellent way to banish unwanted facial hair without dealing with skin irritation or razor burn!


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