Need to Get Rid of Unwanted Facial Hair? Try Laser Treatment!

by Bisma Khan
Beautiful woman at the clinic getting a facial hair removal treatment

Many women have facial hair they would like to eliminate, but laser treatment for facial hair removal is one of the most effective methods. Here’s how it works and why it’s so popular among both men and women who want to get rid of unwanted facial hair!

What are the Benefits of Laser for Hair Removal Treatments?

You can count on laser hair removal treatments being safe, effective, and long-lasting. The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery says that more than five million Americans visit a licensed practitioner yearly for laser hair removal treatment. Results from professional laser treatment are typically about 90 percent effective at preventing new facial hair growth after two years.

The cost per session for facial hair removal by laser is $250-$800, with most patients requiring about three or four sessions spaced a few weeks apart. This usually gets your face smooth enough so you can go au naturel and avoid having to deal with razors or clippers.

How does it Feel When you get a Laser Treatment?

Closeup of woman having her facial hair removed by female beautician. She's using laser hair removal device that pulsates with short yet intense beams. The client is resting on massage table and wearing protective eyeglasses.

Lasers for facial hair removal are designed to make you feel nothing at all. Most laser treatments just make your skin tingle, but many patients enjoy the sensation and find it cool. You must set your expectations for how it will feel beforehand so that if your treatment does end up feeling a little different than you’d imagined, it won’t catch you off guard. Ask your technician about what sensations you should expect from your particular procedure.

Do I Need a Prescription to have Laser Treatment done Professionally?

In most cases, yes. Most medical professionals will not be able to perform laser treatment without a prescription from a dermatologist or other physician. However, some offices offer cosmetic services that do not require any type of prescription. To find one near you, check with your local spa or salon and ask whether they offer facial hair removal by laser.

If you already have access to such a service for other reasons, make sure it’s safe to use on facial hair before visiting them for hair removal specifically. If you need your first appointment but don’t have a prescription yet, most doctors will write one for you after only one visit so long as you express interest in laser hair removal services during that visit.

Are There Side Effects and Risks Associated with having Laser Hair Removal Treatment Done Professionally?

Yes, laser hair removal treatments can come with a variety of side effects. Laser hair removal side effects typically fall into two categories: non-permanent and permanent. Non-permanent side effects usually present themselves as redness or swelling that goes away within a few days or a week.

Permanent side effects, on the other hand, will usually be visible for several months after treatment and may even last for years. Anytime that you are going to have laser hair removal done professionally, you should ask your doctor about potential side effects so that you know what they are and what they might look like if they do happen.

Why Choose Laser Treatment Over Other Hair Removal Options?

Shot of a young female nurse performing laser treatment on a patient at a beauty clinic

Laser treatment is a relatively quick procedure and involves pulses of light, so it can be completed in minutes. What’s more, you can often treat multiple areas during a single session, which keeps laser hair removal costs down.

It’s also worth noting that laser treatment doesn’t use chemicals or require any pre-or post-treatment prep work. Rather, you can expect to be in and out of your skin care specialist’s office in just a few hours (sometimes even less) with minimal pain and downtime.

Where Can I Find an Experienced Laser Technician near me Who I Can Trust With Sensitive Areas like my Face and Neck?

If you’re looking for a great laser technician, it can be tough to know who’s worth your time and money. You should expect to pay somewhere in the neighborhood of $500 for your first laser treatment, which isn’t cheap by any means but which is a small price to pay when compared with waxing costs over time or having unwanted hair on your face forever.

To help you get started, we’ve put together a short list of questions you can ask before making an appointment with any laser technician. For instance: Is your technician certified by a national organization such as The International Laser Association (ILA)? Does that same organization offer continuing education credits and how many do they offer? Is there a membership fee and if so, what does it cover? In total, how many sessions will I require?

How Often Do I Need to have My Treatment Repeated to See Better Results Over Time?

Laser treatment works best over time. How long it takes for you to see results depends on your hair color, and skin tone, as well as how coarse and thick your hair is. The cost and frequency of treatments can vary depending on who you visit and what type of laser they use.

For example, a galvanic machine, which is generally inexpensive and only needs to be used once or twice a year at most, may be more appropriate if you have fine facial hair that doesn’t grow quickly or darkly pigmented facial hair.

Where Can I Find More Information about having Professional Laser Hair Removal Treatment?

If you’re interested in learning more about laser hair removal and whether it’s a good fit for your skin type, lifestyle, and facial hair removal goals, schedule a consultation with a board-certified aesthetician or other professionals who can recommend a treatment plan that’s best for you. You should also ask what type of laser he or she uses.

Cooler lasers are generally used on people with darker skin tones and pigmented areas such as freckles and brown spots, while medium energy lasers are better suited for those with fair skin. Higher energy lasers offer greater effectiveness at removing darker hairs but may be too strong for some people’s skin types.


Although they are less expensive, some other hair removal options may not be as effective as laser treatment. If you have dark skin, are suffering from an underlying medical condition (i.e., rosacea), or want a more permanent option, you may want to opt for laser treatment instead. In addition, because unwanted facial hair growth is usually in high-density areas—and often dark in color—laser is typically your best bet if you’re going for permanent results; once it is removed with lasers, hair tends not to grow back.

Check out our quick guide on Getting Rid of Unwanted Facial Hair Fast with Laser Removal for more information about how it works and what questions you should ask your technician before signing up for treatments.


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