New Cartier Watches for Women – Luxury and Style on Your Wrist

by Bisma Khan
Cartier watches for women

Your Cartier watch says a lot about who you are. As soon as people see you in your Cartier watch, they know that you’re someone who appreciates the finer things in life. That’s why women who love to make a statement and have style should look into getting a new Cartier watches for women this season, as there are some gorgeous new designs on the market that any fashionista would be proud to wear.

Full Collection of Watches

While you might associate watches with men, more and more women are wearing them too. From dressy to sporty to casual, a watch can help you get a perfect sense of style. Whether you’re headed out for a formal event or simply want to jazz up your everyday look, there’s no shortage of great-looking watches to choose from.

For many ladies today, a watch has become an essential fashion accessory—much like jewelry—and is worn every day. If you’re in search of something glamorous yet practical, look no further than the new Cartier watches.

These classic timepieces offer women timeless elegance at affordable prices; they’re also incredibly versatile and are ideal for any occasion or wardrobe combination.

Full Collection of Straps

For us men, wearing a timepiece is something that’s sort of required in order to call ourselves respectable members of society. Ladies, however, aren’t often told that they need to wear a watch. While many women do go without timepieces or only wear them occasionally, there are many other ladies who enjoy showing off their watches on their wrists.

If you’re interested in adding a stylish accessory to your look then Cartier watches for ladies might be worth looking into.

By having a watch as part of your attire you will be able to quickly and easily show off your taste in high-quality fashion and style. No matter what kind of outfit you have planned, having a beautiful gold or silver watch will add something extra to whatever outfit you decide to wear it with.

The Iconic Ballon Bleu Watch (from $10,000)

Chopard is a luxury watch brand that many people know, but few people truly know. In recent years, Chopard has gone from a well-known brand to one of the most recognized brands in fine watches. Their success lies in their ability to partner with some of today’s most iconic and popular sports figures—such as basketball superstar Shaquille O’Neal.

Fastrack Watches

If you’re looking for a fashionable accessory that can be worn with most outfits, take a look at Fastrack watches. These sleek timepieces come in different styles and colors so there’s something for everyone. Perhaps you’re looking to go with a design that adds style to your outfit or maybe you want something sportier to wear during outdoor activities.

No matter what type of style you’re going after, it’s likely that there is a watch in the Fastrack collection that will match your taste perfectly.

Royal Oak Offshore Watches (from $7,600)

Cartier watches for women

Royal Oak Offshore timepieces feature a unique case design with a combination of sharp angles and curved lugs that give them an extremely sporty look. These luxury watches are available in a variety of styles, from classic silver-tone to blue, white, or orange dials.

In addition to steel cases, Royal Oak Offshore watches also come in 18-karat rose gold cases. The brand also offers steel bracelets to wear with your watch; these straps range from $3,300 to $3,500. Watches featuring 18-karat rose gold bracelets cost between $5,000-$10,000.

Santos de Cartier Watches (from $4,900)

Santos de Cartier watches have a platinum case, and they range in width from 14 mm to 24 mm. The movement inside these timepieces is self-winding, with a 45-hour power reserve. The sapphire glass protects against scratches and provides a clear view of the dial that features Roman numerals. They are waterproof up to 30 meters / 100 feet / 3 atm. In addition, Santos de Cartier watches feature straps made from alligator leather or crocodile leather, or rubber.

Lastly, these luxury watches are encased with precious gems such as diamonds, emeralds, opals, or rubies. You can purchase them either individually or in matched sets (like husband/wife).

Granados Esplendidos Especiales Watches (from $2,000)


For ladies who want a luxurious but classic watch, Granados Especiales is a great choice. The watch has mother-of-pearl round disks on each of its four faces (three of which are fixed). This timepiece can be worn with any outfit to achieve an elegant look. What’s more, its flexible gold strap makes it comfortable to wear as well.

Tank MC Watches (from $1,500)

The Tank MC is a perfect watch for someone who’s looking to get into luxury watches but doesn’t want to spend a fortune. This sophisticated quartz watch from Cartier has a stainless steel case with a black leather strap. It also features its signature tank which gives it its name (also reminiscent of some classic car models).

It is still expensive enough that it screams luxury, but affordable enough that someone just getting into wristwatches won’t have to break the bank. $1,500 for understated elegance? That’s definitely not breaking any bank! Plus, ladies love it when you buy them jewelry!

Tank Francoise watches (from $950)

Beautiful young woman enjoying coffee in cafe wearing Cartier watches for women

The Tank Francoise is a model that has been available in different incarnations since 1916. It’s large at 40mm wide with Roman numerals around a flat champagne dial. The strap is genuine Croco-print leather, but it’s also sold with a matching gold-plated bracelet that can be added via removable links.

With stainless steel case back and Swiss quartz movement, you have automatic self-winding capabilities as well as sapphire crystal glass to protect your watch from water damage up to 330 feet (100 meters). You can get it in silver or rose gold (the latter being much more expensive).

Tank Anglaise watches (from $850)

Tank Anglaise features a stainless steel case with a diamond-set bezel. An anthracite dial is set with a date window at 6 o’clock. The watch comes in three styles: Tank Anglaise, Tank Amour, and Tank Classique.

Tank Auglaize:

The Tank Auglaize’s round face is designed to suit any outfit. Whether you are attending a formal affair or lounging around at home, it will add flair to your style. This women’s watch comes in gold-tone stainless steel and features a 36mm diameter that is both stylish and comfortable. It also features 38 diamonds set in a gleaming bezel along with Roman numerals adorning its chronograph dial.

Tank Armour:

The Tank Armour features a 42mm white gold case, soft curves, 36 diamonds encircling its case, and cream-colored numbers lining its dial. This women’s watch has a diameter of 35mm. The Anglaise Collection from Cartier has several elegant timepieces that will add luxury to your style while keeping you on schedule. These watches are designed to complement any outfit while featuring your signature touch of style.

Tank Classique

Tank Classique features a 34mm white gold case with a diamond-set crown and pushers. An anthracite dial is lined with Roman numerals at every 5-minute interval. The watch also comes in three styles: Tank Classique, Tank Solo, and Tank Occasion.

Clé de Cartier watch (from $500)

Like everything else in life, time is money. So instead of awkwardly glancing at your phone every time you want to know what time it is, invest in a beautiful watch. With a price that comes in at just over $500 (and still under $1,000), Clé de Cartier watches are an excellent value that will be worth their weight in gold (literally).

With an array of styles ranging from classic wristwatches to dressy pieces with diamonds or leather bands, there’s something for everyone. And let’s not forget about how cute these watches look when worn by women. Who says guys have all the fun?


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