Stranger Things Meets MAC Cosmetics in New Collaboration

by Bisma Khan
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By now you’ve probably heard of the MAC Cosmetics x Stranger Things collaboration in the news, but do you know what’s actually in the collection? And are you left wondering how the partnership happened? In this M.A.C x Stranger Things product review, I’ll give you all the details on what’s available and how to get your hands on it!

What is M.A.C Cosmetics x Stranger Things?


This is a new collaboration with the famous make-up brand M.A.C and the hit tv series Stranger Things! It’s full of beautiful beauty products that are designed with a touch of the 80s and sci-fi elements. It’s also vegan!  What I love about this collection is how it brings together my two favorite things, makeup and Stranger Things. I was drawn to this collection because I think it looks absolutely stunning, but when I realized it was made by a well-known brand like M.A.C, I couldn’t help but be drawn even more to purchase it!

The Products

The limited edition M.A.C X Stranger Things collaboration features six products: two lipsticks, three eyeshadows, and one blush. The shades are all inspired by the show’s characters and themes – Eleven’s bright yellow eye shadow is paired with a blue-toned pink lipstick while the green army-inspired shade is paired with a rose gold lipstick to represent the character of Dustin Henderson.

I’m sure that some of these items will be more popular than others but I love them all and can’t wait to add them to my makeup collection! These are items that are perfect for summer so I would suggest picking up anything you like now before they sell out. The M.A.C X Stranger Things collection is a limited edition product and will only be available while supplies last.


M.A.C has taken to the internet once again to release a full makeup collection inspired by the popular Netflix show Stranger Things. They will be available in-store and online for purchase! M.A.C collaborated with Britney Spears on their Chained to My Mac campaign which ended back in 2016, and is releasing it for a second time with items from their new line of Stranger Things Makeup!

The $50 variety pack includes items that were not seen on screen but what every lady would want including lipsticks, liners, eye shadows, strobe cream and glow water sprays!

Who Will Like This Collection

M.A.C beauty products are displayed

This new collaboration between the cult show Stranger Things and M.A.C cosmetics is perfect for those who love both beauty products and the show. The makeup collection is full of fun, trendy shades that range from light pinks to deep reds, and has a selection of products from lipsticks to glitter eyeshadows.

The Collection

The collection consists of 9 shades of lipstick, 2 nail polishes, and 5 eyeshadows. Some of my favorite products from the collection are most definitely Rose Petal, which is a gorgeous rosy pink, Darkheart a deep berry hue with orange undertones and Get Cozy which is a dark burgundy shade.

These are all great everyday shades that can be easily incorporated into your routine as well as being bold enough to really make an impact for nights out or special occasions.

Amongst these great shades, I feel like it’s impossible not to mention one of my other favorites, is Sugarcane which features a beautiful gold glitter. This shade works amazingly on its own or layered over another lipstick!

Why MAC Cosmetics x Stranger Things is Going to be Popular?

M.A.C make-up products are displayed

MAC Cosmetics and Netflix’s Stranger Things are teaming up for a new collaboration, and it looks like the perfect combination of nostalgia, style, and quality. Based on the teaser images that have been released so far, the collection will consist of an eye-shadow palette called Shadow Box (12 shades with 3 finishes), a lip gloss called Lipstick (8 colors with SPF 15), a blush called Blush (4 colors with SPF 15), two face powders called Powder Blush (4 colors) and Powder Bronzer (2 colors).

It’s not just about the packaging either – MAC has gone all out to create products that are as much fun as they are functional. All of the items come in nostalgic boxes adorned with pictures from the series.

Why I Recommend this Collection

The M.A.C x Stranger Things Collection is a must-have for any fan of the show! The collection includes 12 products, including lipsticks, eyeshadows, and more.  I love how they included all your favorite characters such as Eleven, Joyce Byers, Dustin Henderson, Mike Wheeler, and Lucas Sinclair. My favorite product from this collection has to be Eleven’s lipstick; it’s so beautiful and pigmented. Review: 9/10


The M.A.C X Stranger Things collaboration includes a variety of products that are perfect for anyone looking to get their hands on new beauty products inspired by the show. These products are also limited edition and will only be around for a limited time! I highly recommend you stop by your local M.A.C counter if you’re interested in these products, they’re sure to be a hit with all the die-hard fans out there!


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