The Best Brushes For Liquid Foundation Flawless Application

by Bisma Khan
best brushes for liquid foundation are placed beside the liquid foundations

When it comes to applying liquid foundation, it’s tempting to just grab the first makeup brush you find. However, if you want to see the best results from this makeup application, you should make sure that you have the right brush handy. To ensure your liquid foundation application goes as smoothly as possible, here are the best brushes for liquid foundation.

Flat Synthetic Brush

A few years ago, we ditched our old-fashioned makeup brushes for liquid foundation brushes. They’re easier to use because you don’t have to go back and forth between the container of your liquid foundation and your face. Just dip the brush in, spread it around your skin, then wipe the excess off on a tissue or towel.

Liquid foundation brushes come in various shapes and sizes – some short with dense bristles that make it easy to get into all those hard-to-reach spots like around the nose or eyes; others long with softer bristles that are good for blending out streaks or lines. Some have flat heads, while others have domed heads. It’s up to you which shape you like best!

Flat-top Brush

liquid foundation is applied on a flat-top brush

Liquid foundation brushes are perfect for beginners because of their versatility. They’re great for applying liquid foundation and other liquid cosmetics such as concealer, blush, cream highlighter, and moisturizer. The best brushes for liquid foundation are made with synthetic bristles which can be used on sensitive skin without irritation.

Synthetic bristles also blend the makeup well and keep it from settling into pores or lines on your face as natural hair can. Some good options include the Morphe M510 brush, the Revlon Perfecting Liquid Brush #7 or #8, or the Sephora Collection Pro Airbrush Concealer Brush #21.

Flat-top foundation brushes are usually quite large and can be made of either natural or synthetic bristles. They’re great for applying liquid foundation in long, thin strokes, working from your hairline up toward your ears and jawline. I typically use my flat-top brush to apply foundation to my forehead, nose, and chin. These brushes are also nice for blending out concealer and cover-up under the eyes or around blemishes.

Since they’re designed for liquid products rather than powder foundations you’ll want to clean them regularly with a mild face soap or makeup brush cleaner since these brushes can retain more liquid product than a regular powder foundation brush would hold.

Round Domed Brush

woman applying liquid foundation brushes

A round domed brush is best for liquid foundation. It will give you a flawless application, and it will blend well. Plus, the bristles are soft so they won’t irritate your skin or make you break out. Round domed brushes usually come in a variety of sizes, so depending on how many layers of coverage you need for your skin, you can use a bigger or smaller one to get the right amount.

ou might also want to experiment with different shapes like a flat paddle brush which would be good if you have areas that are tough to cover like around your nose.


I recommend using a powder puff for liquid foundation because it applies product without leaving any messy residue around your face. It will also make sure that you don’t have any uneven areas or streaks of product left behind after application.

For an ultra-smooth finish, I recommend using the best brush for a liquid foundation in conjunction with a powder puff. The brush is good at covering imperfections and reaching hard-to-reach places but can leave marks on the skin if not properly used, so having the sponge available to blend is important.

Dampen the makeup puff before applying the product and start by sweeping it over one cheek before patting both sides of your face evenly to get rid of any noticeable streaks on the surface. With each additional layer, try to use lighter strokes as opposed to heavy sweeps, which might build up too much product on your skin if not blended properly!

Blending Sponge

A good blending sponge is a makeup lover’s best friend. When it comes to applying liquid foundation, a brush may produce streaky results, but using a sponge can give you the perfect finish. I recommend that you use a damp makeup sponge for easy application and flawless coverage. Make sure that you’re washing your brush or beauty blender regularly to avoid any bacteria buildup on your makeup tools!

As soon as I’m finished with my makeup, I rinse off my brushes with warm water and then leave them to dry upside down so that water doesn’t seep into the handles. The bristles will also be stronger if you’re taking care of them properly.


To make your foundation flawless application, you need the right brushes! The best brushes for liquid foundation are those that can help with blending and more precise detailing. Use a small buffer brush for contouring your nose or a shading brush for areas like the eyes, forehead, or chin. And the best way to pick the best brushes is simply by trying different brands out. Once you find a set of brushes that work well with your skin and tone you’ll know what type of brushes are going to help you achieve your perfect look.

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