Top 7 Gold Wedding Rings for Couples

by Bisma Khan
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When it comes to gold wedding rings, you have more choices than you might think! Gold offers plenty of beautiful and intricate designs that are both appealing and affordable. Whether you’re shopping for yourself or your significant other, there’s no better time than now to look into gold wedding rings in all styles and price ranges. If you want to know more about the many choices out there, read on!

Ring Styles for your Right Hand

Some couples choose to have matching wedding rings, some choose to have completely different styles. When choosing which ring style is right for you, there are a few things to keep in mind. Your lifestyle and your personality will go a long way toward determining which ring best suits you.

Ultimately though, it’s up to you—just make sure you’re not letting tradition determine what works best for you and your fiancé.

Ring Styles for your Left Hand

Maybe you have always had your heart set on a specific diamond shape or style, but it isn’t right for your finger size. That doesn’t mean you need to abandon that favorite stone or design just because your ring has to go on your left hand instead of your right one.

You can absolutely buy a ring in any shape or size and have it modified to fit perfectly on your left ring finger by a professional jeweler. Here are some examples of wedding rings for women gold in different styles and shapes, so you can figure out what you like best.

What Color Rings to Wear with What Colors

hands are together and they live happily ever after. Gold wedding rings for couples gold

While most wedding rings today are gold, you don’t have to be married to wear a gorgeous gold band. Whether you’re single or married, or even if you’re in a long-term relationship and just want something simple, there are plenty of options. Gold is classic, flattering, and stands up well to everyday wear.

The hue also depends on your own personal style; some colors will work better with certain skin tones than others. Here’s a quick look at different types of gold wedding rings for couples that range from yellow gold alloys to rose gold shades to white gold finishes. Start mixing and matching them with your favorite jewelry sets for fun!

Consider the Diamond Size and Setting

One of your first considerations when choosing a wedding ring should be its diamond. The size and cut of your diamond will depend on its intended purpose, but if you’re buying it as an engagement ring, consider how she’ll wear it every day—and if you want to put a lot of money into a piece she won’t be able to enjoy often.

This is why we love halo settings with smaller center stones surrounded by sparkly diamonds. They really make her happy in your presence, but when you’re apart from each other, she can show off just how much she loves her little diamond.

Know about Tension Set, Bezel Set and Prong Set

gold wedding rings for couples gold

A tension set is a style of mounting where smaller stones are held in place with little or no metal in between them. This is great if you want to showcase multiple gems that sit right next to each other or if you have a particularly flat-backed gem.

A bezel set is when diamonds, typically larger ones, are raised above their background with metal (usually gold) around them holding them into place. If you’re looking for some extra security in your jewelry, bezel settings will do just that without spoiling the view. Prong set diamonds to allow you to see as much of your stone as possible by raising it above its setting so it appears like it’s floating on air.

The Importance of Quality Stones and Metal

Quality, obviously, goes a long way when it comes to making such an important purchase. Ideally, a diamond is colorless and clean, but also at least 0.20 carats; many couples find that center stones between 0.25-0.5 carats look best in gold wedding rings with diamonds.

The metal is another aspect that’s important: Gold itself is fairly soft (18 on the Mohs hardness scale), so other metals should be used to strengthen it if possible—particularly platinum or palladium (the strongest of them all) if your budget allows it. These metals can be combined with gold to create some gorgeous choices in gold wedding rings with diamonds for any couple looking to get married.

Types of Gold Used in Wedding Rings

Most of us think that gold is just gold. We figure all gold is created equal and therefore, in terms of jewelry, so are all gold rings. But that’s not actually true—there are many different types of gold used in wedding rings. So before you make a purchase,

it’s important to learn more about what type of gold you should be buying and why. If you do your homework, you’ll end up with better quality jewelry that will last much longer than cheaper metals would have.


Whether you’re getting married or shopping for a special gift, there are some very nice gold wedding rings available to purchase. Be careful to avoid over-shopping, though. Too many options can lead to indecision and second-guessing of decisions already made; look at what you’ve found before doing more extensive comparison shopping.

When selecting wedding rings for couples gold, keep in mind that it is okay to mix metals—two styles on one finger looks beautiful, whether mixing silver with gold or creating a style that incorporates different metals with different stones (such as rose-gold engagement ring settings and diamonds). Keep everything in proportion, too—very big stones paired with small ones don’t work well together because neither stands out.

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