Top Ten High Tops for Girls That Will Make You Stand Out From the Crowd

by Bisma Khan
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High tops are one of the most popular styles of sneakers today, but you have to be careful if you’re a girl shopping for them. If you buy high tops that are too big, they can make your legs look shorter and disproportionate to your body, or they can make you seem like you’re wearing hip-huggers instead of high tops. For the best look when wearing high tops as a girl, focus on these top ten high tops for girls that will make you stand out from the crowd.

The Leather Walking Shoe

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Leather walking shoes are a great choice for anyone who wants to remain comfortable as they explore their world. By choosing leather, you’ll also get lots of style and durability that other materials simply can’t match. Shop walking shoes at Nike today to find everything from low-top sneakers to high-top dress shoes. Leather is tough and durable, making it ideal for your needs whether you spend all day on your feet or just want a shoe that will last long after your active years have passed.

The Three Stripe

Nike High tops are made with a tunic top in mind and look great when paired with your favorite pair of jeans. One of Nike’s most popular sports shoes, high tops provide stability and support during any sport or activity. Their classic look also makes them perfect for everyday wear, making them a great addition to any girl’s closet. Be it a workout or a walk around town, high tops for girls will have you feeling at your best. With so many color choices available and such an impressive array of styles to choose from, you’ll never want to take these off!

The Sneaker Boot

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Almost everyone loves wearing high tops, but with colder weather right around the corner, we sometimes find ourselves needing to do away with sneakers in exchange for boots. If you’re like me and you can’t bring yourself to throw away your beloved high-tops, then check out these cute ways to wear them into fall. With a few fun DIY tricks, you can spice up your kicks and keep your style fresh! Here are my top ten favorite high tops that are good enough to run marathons in. (Yes, I said it!)

The High Fashion Running Shoe

The best running shoes in women’s fashion are high tops. High-top sneakers look great and make your ankles look small, which is really attractive. Plus, high tops keep your feet from rolling around or sliding forward, which helps maintain natural posture as you run and prevents injuries.

For example, a study from Penn State University found that runners who wore high-top running shoes were half as likely to get injured than those who ran in low-tops. If you’re looking for a new pair of running shoes to rock on your run today (or just looking to update your current pair), these 10 high tops should be at the top of your list!

The Slip On

Low-top shoes are great, but they don’t really give you any support. If you want to take things a step further, consider high tops. While some prefer sneakers in general, it’s not a fashion faux pas if you want to go with high tops instead.

Plus, some high tops are actually fashionable (that is to say that they look good and aren’t just pieces of athletic equipment). Depending on how high your top goes (and what design it has), you could even wear them with casual outfits and maybe a dressy outfit or two.

The Classic Trainer

Nike has long been a mainstay in sneaker design and manufacturing, dating back to when it was founded as Blue Ribbon Sports in 1964. Perhaps its most popular shoe ever was designed by Peter Moore and released in 1982: The Nike Air High Top featured an innovative cushioning system that protected feet during play. Fast forward 34 years and high tops are still all over sneaker shelves, albeit with a lot more color options than we saw back then.

The Nubuck Leather Trainer

For a sleek, sophisticated look that’s both modern and classic, go with a pair of high tops in suede or nubuck leather. At first glance, it looks like it belongs at a museum—not on your feet. But as soon as you put them on and lace them up, you’ll feel just as comfortable wearing these kicks as you do in your oldest sneakers.

Versatile enough to pair with jeans and tees or dresses and skirts, these babies are good-looking enough to wear all year round. Best of all? They provide height without compromising on comfort. What more could you ask for?​ ​​​

The Casual Sneaker

High tops are a comfortable, chic way to add flair to your sneaker collection. A pair of sneakers is an essential accessory in every wardrobe; they’re easy to throw on with shorts or jeans, and a casual tee. High tops are designed with style-conscious girls in mind—they come in vibrant colors and soft fabrics that make them perfect even when you’re not planning on hitting the gym (though you can throw these puppies on when you get there, too). Whether you’re looking for a neutral white high top or something bright and funky, like red and blue high tops, we’ve got some great options for you.

Platform Sneakers

A high top is a shoe with a protective covering over its ankle. If you’re looking to make your own version of top high tops, it is easy to do using popular converse platform high tops as your base. You can even customize them further by personalizing your shoes with a large array of colors and customization options available on our website! These shoes are always in fashion so don’t miss out on out – get yours today.

Creative Ways to Wear Heels

Heels are timeless and can be a great way to make an outfit look finished. They’re also not that easy to walk in, especially if you’ve never worn them before. Don’t worry—we’ve rounded up some tips and tricks on how to wear heels comfortably while looking stylish on any occasion. Try these out next time you have a special night out with your friends or when going on a first date!


When it comes to high tops for girls, picking just one pair out of all of these great options can be tough. If you want a timeless look that will always stand out, then converse platform high-top shoes are probably your best bet. The mix of solid colors and patterns is something that almost any girl can wear with just about anything in her closet without having to worry about it clashing too much or making her outfit too busy. Plus, they are also super easy to find in stores as well as online if you need a quick last-minute gift idea or find yourself needing an extra pair of high tops for girls in your life.


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