Why More and More Men are Getting Turkey Hair Transplants

by Bisma Khan
Hair transplant consultation. Trichologist examining the scalp of a man who is contemplating turkey hair transplant surgery.

A turkey hair transplant is the latest trend in hair transplants, gaining popularity thanks to its affordability and simplicity. The average cost of this procedure has gone down by half since it was introduced just five years ago, making it more accessible to everyone. Learn why more and more men are getting turkey hair transplants here!

Where Did It Come From?

The turkey, less commonly known as ostrich, has a large feathery head of hair—but unlike humans, it grows all over its body. Now, men suffering from male pattern baldness can benefit from similar fowls when they opt for a hair transplant.

The procedure, which involves taking hair follicles from one area of your scalp (the donor site) and implanting them in another (the recipient area), is a great solution if you want to add some volume to thinning or fine hair in certain areas.

You may also undergo follicle-stimulating injections to encourage new growth before you undergo surgery so that your new grafts will take better. If you’re interested in learning more about how much a hair transplant costs, contact us today!

What Is the Process?

A surgeon performing turkey hair transplant

The two most popular methods of hair transplantation are known as Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) and Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE). Both have their benefits, but, overall, FUE is a quicker process—which is why it’s favored by many people looking for hair transplant costs. In fact, in most cases, patients can be completely done with the process in just one day.

That’s right: They get up in the morning and come back later that evening with a brand-new head of hair. The FUE duration of the treatment can range from four to six hours.

How Long Does the Procedure Take?

The FUE procedure takes about an hour for a hair transplant in Turkey. For some people, it takes longer due to a higher number of transplanted grafts. The reason why patients may have their hair surgery take longer is that their donor area has more density than usual, or they may have a hard time finding qualified surgeons.

A good surgeon should be able to complete a hair transplant in Istanbul within an hour, though. In general, however, people prefer getting it done as quickly as possible so that they can go home right away instead of being stuck in a room for hours on end with little to do.

Are There Any Side Effects?

A Turkey hair transplant is usually done over two days. The transplanted hair will fall out just a few days after, so there’s no need to worry about looking funny during that time; in fact, you might be back at work or school as soon as possible. Of course, it might take about a year for your new hair to grow fully.

But doctors can apply Rogaine or Finasteride to help accelerate that process. So if you’re worried about side effects or other complications, don’t be—getting a turkey hair transplant is much safer than getting one done on your head (and less expensive too!) when it comes to safety and recovery time. It also doesn’t hurt that they look great!

How Much Does Turkey Hair Transplant Cost?

A person with an envelop for hair transplant cost NC

Most men’s hair-transplant clinics quote between $5,000 and $9,500. So why do men go to Turkey for a hair transplant? There is a difference in the cost of a hair transplant in Turkey: If you want your precious locks back, it can be done for as little as £7k by traveling abroad to places like Istanbul or Marmaris for example where costs come down to about £8k ($12k).

It is roughly five times cheaper than a hair transplant in America or Europe. You can also find clinics that will give you a discounted price if they advertise their clinic overseas; they may offer as much as 10% off if you visit them instead of flying to another country.

Where Can I get it Done?

An increasing number of men are opting to get a man-made hair transplant that costs thousands of dollars less than traditional methods. Where can I get it done? This kind of procedure is available in any metropolitan area, as well as some smaller cities.

And while they usually take longer, there’s less downtime associated with them (at most a week), which is why more people opt for them each year.

If you’re looking for cost for hair transplant options, ask your doctor about one. You should also inquire about laser techniques—they don’t work for everyone but may be an option if your hair loss is small.

How Good Will My Results Be?

Male before and after hair transplant treatment with follicular unit extraction (FUE) and follicular unit transplantation (FUT) methods

Good results depend on many factors, including your expectations. Before starting any medical treatment, be sure to consult with a doctor who understands your specific condition so you know exactly what to expect. Dr. Andrew Jones offers a quick overview of what you can expect before and after hair transplantation so you know before you go in if it’s right for you.

Results will also depend on your natural hair growth cycle. If you’re in a period of high hair loss, such as after childbirth, medications, or from alopecia areata, then you’ll see results faster than someone whose hair is at its peak.

Is It Going to Change My Life as Much as Other People Say it has Changed Theirs?

Considering a hair transplant? If so, you might be surprised to learn that even though more and more men are getting hair transplants, many of them don’t know what it is or whether it will truly change their life for the better.

So, if you’re considering a hair transplant—or just trying to figure out whether one is right for you—read on to learn about these cost-saving procedures. Even if you decide that a hair transplant isn’t in your immediate future, there’s plenty here to help you get started on your research journey.


To sum up, if you’re a man with hair loss in particular areas of your scalp, you’re not alone. And thanks to innovative technology, there’s a new solution on offer for you – a turkey hair transplant. Not only does it allow for denser coverage, but it can be used effectively as a stand-alone treatment or complement traditional hair restoration surgery. Hair transplant cost NC is also a better value than Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) since in addition to simply providing more hair transplants on average than their FUE counterparts, they come with an estimated lifetime of eight years (compared to four) and can last more than 15 years!


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