5 Bridal Looks We Can’t-Wait to See in 2022

by Bisma Khan
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Fashion moves at such a rapid pace, it can sometimes be hard to keep up with the new trends being released. One place where there is never a lack of imagination or innovation? The bridal industry! That’s why we created this list of five bridal looks that we can’t wait to see hitting the streets in 2022 and beyond! From colorful bridal gowns to sustainable materials, these are the five bridal looks we can’t wait to see!

Look #1: The Keepsake Wedding Dress

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The Keepsake Wedding Dress is the perfect dress for a bride who wants her wedding day look to be unique, sentimental, and reflective of her personality. This dress will be one of a kind and is made with love by the bride for the bride. It doesn’t get more personal than that!

The fabric combinations are endless, whether you want lace or satin, long sleeves or short sleeves – it’s your choice! You can even have your bridesmaids wear dresses that coordinate with your Keepsake Wedding Dress so they feel like part of the celebration too.

The Keepsake Wedding Dress can also be worn again! In fact, with alterations, it can be made into an evening dress or a cocktail dress. This is perfect for any bride who wants her wedding day look to be sentimental as well as versatile. No two dresses are alike which gives each bride a unique look.

Since your Keepsake Wedding Dress will be one-of-kind, you may want to consider wearing something different during your first anniversary celebrations!

The Keepsake Wedding Dress is ideally suited for formal social occasions and is sure to make you feel like a princess while still reflecting your style.

Because of its versatility, timeless elegance, and sentimental value, we know The Keepsake Wedding Dress will be one of our top bridal looks in 2022.

Look #2: Mermaid Gowns Are Still In

a bride is standing in a garden wearing bridal gown with the perfect bridal looks

Mermaid gowns are a classic. They’re just so romantic and elegant. Mermaid gowns are back and here to stay for brides looking for their best bridal look. But not just any mermaid dress will do, it has to be the perfect one! Here’s how you can find the perfect mermaid dress for your wedding day -Ask yourself what you want your dream dress to look like.

-What kind of fabric are you interested in? Satin, silk, tulle? What color?

-Do you want sleeves or no sleeves?

-Do you want an illusion neckline or a low-cut bodice?

-Are high slits ok with the dress style or not ok with the dress style?

-What is your dream length for a wedding dress?

Long train or no train at all?

Do you want to make a statement by going nude on your big day?

These are questions that every bride should ask herself before committing to that one perfect dress. However, if we had to choose the best bridal looks for brides in 2022 we would say:

#1- Traditional Romantic Gowns with Long Train

#2- Sequin Gowns Are The New Black

#3- Lace Wedding Dresses (We Love)

#4- Bombshell Pronounced Waist Dresses

Look #3: Monochromatic Blush Wedding Dresses

As our generation’s most talked about trend, we’re not surprised that monochromatic wedding dresses are predicted to be top of the list for best bridal looks in 2022. This past summer, the monochromatic trend became more popular than ever because it was effortless to match different styles and silhouettes without worrying about clashing colors.

With wedding planning all year round, people are always on the lookout for trends – who would have thought that this boho-chic style dress would be #1?

Look #4: There Will Be Backless Wedding Dresses

In the past, traditional gowns had long backs and short sleeves. However, fashion designers are trying new things with bridal dresses. One of the more popular trends is going for a backless wedding dress that you can wear over your shoulders like a shawl.

These often have sweetheart necklines and detachable train lengths on the hem of the skirt to allow for various options in style.

Plus, many women enjoy wearing this dress again as they enter their second trimester of pregnancy because it feels more comfortable while they are pregnant or nursing.

In 2018, we already saw A-listers making headlines for wearing backless wedding dresses. The most recent example is Beyonce’s bold maternity look at her husband JAY-Z’s On The Run II Tour stop in Paris, France earlier this month. She wore a ruffled gown with a high slit that only revealed one shoulder and a small amount of cleavage, but it was still very risqué compared to what we normally see her wear.

Look #5: Bohemian Chic Is Back

In the early 2000s, bohemian chic bridal dresses were all the rage. The layered, flowing style made for a feminine and romantics feel that we can’t wait to see come back around. It was all about soft colors and lace details, with lots of delicately draped fabric. The top of this dress was often cinched at the waist with a sash or belt, and embellishments were placed throughout the gown for a little extra flair.

The Best Thing about Bohemian Chic Bridal Looks?

groom is holding bride wearing bridal dress

They’re also suitable for your wedding day, and you can wear them again for other special occasions. If you’re feeling tempted by a look like this one, we recommend choosing accessories that give off more modern vibes like sleek satin stilettos or a shimmery clutch. Pair it with something that feels more contemporary so that you’ll be able to style it in lots of different ways.

Contemporary brides will want to go with a more laid-back style on their big day. Bohemian Chic are ideal, as they complement a carefree vibe while still allowing you to flaunt your most beautiful features.


I’m excited about the future of bridal looks and can’t wait to see what designers are cooking up.  Whether you’re a bride-to-be or not, we hope these five best bridal looks give you some inspiration on what trends may be coming your way soon!

What about you? What do you think will be the best bridal look of 2022?

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