5 Cute Summer Outfit Ideas to Copy Right Now

by Bisma Khan
A woman is posing in cute summer outfit

Now that summer has finally arrived, you may be looking to switch up your wardrobe a bit and try some new styles. These cute summer outfit ideas are sure to inspire you to try something different this season, so check them out!

1) Flattering Cuts for your Body Type

A lady in a cute summer outfit Flattering cut yellow dress is standing in front of the wall

Before you decide on your perfect summer outfit, take a moment to identify your body type. Summer clothing is all about showing off curves, but that doesn’t mean every woman wants (or should) show off her curves. For example, wearing tight shorts might be unflattering if you’re petite and have short legs because it will only draw attention to how quickly you are. If you have larger thighs or hips and aren’t self-conscious about them, go ahead and wear high-waisted pants with flares or wide-leg pants; just be aware that some people think both of these styles make women appear heavier than they are.

2) Mixing Patterns

A woman in mixed pattern shirt is posing sun kissed

A classic summer outfit generally consists of a top and bottom, but mixing patterns is about breaking those rules. This trend makes it easier than ever to pull off bold color combinations without feeling overwhelmed or underdressed, meaning you can take on more adventurous looks as you start thinking ahead to your warm-weather wardrobe.

The key here is all about playing with contrast: Mixing stripes, prints, and colors in a single look create visual interest and a striking overall appearance. To help you get started, we’ve rounded up five cute outfits from some of our favorite style bloggers. Check them out below and then shop each look for yourself!

3) Patterns with Stripes

If you have a plus-size body and like wearing sleeveless tops, patterned leggings or tights are an excellent way to hide your tummy. Also, remember that an off-the-shoulder look is your best friend in warm weather. And a summer Hat will do wonders for your self-confidence. Use these summer outfit ideas for plus size as inspiration! You can be as gorgeous as everyone else!

4) Bold Colors and Prints

Many summer outfits for ladies in 2022 have bold colors and prints. Wherever you go, bright colors and prints will catch people’s attention. You can either opt for one of these or a combination of both, depending on your style. If you want to be bold, consider choosing a color that contrasts with your natural hair color so you can make a statement without being too loud. If it’s your first time wearing bright colors, consider keeping them out of your face by going for stylish sunglasses that still match your outfit. In other words, don’t overdo it! While brightly colored clothing may stand out in pictures, all eyes are going to do is linger on how bad it clashes with your hair color at first glance!


5) The Best Shoes for Summer Outfits

A smiling woman wearing long skirt and summer shoes is standing in the center of road

Summer is here and with it comes temperatures that have a tendency to creep into the sweltering territory. While it’s important not to let your wardrobe choices override common sense, there are some significant trends that are perfect for summertime – especially if you like living on the warmer side of life. Here’s a quick run-down of shoes and sandals that will help make your summer outfits pop while keeping you cool, thanks in part to their breathable fabrics and light construction. If these aren’t already in your closet, they should be!


Summer can be a fun and exciting time, but with all of these outfit ideas, you’re going to be ready for any occasion! To copy any of these outfits for yourself, just follow our detailed guides above. We’ll show you what styles we like best, what colors look great on anyone and how you can accessorize with your own twist. Make sure that when summer rolls around again next year, you’ll be ready for anything with your unique style! These are just some of our cute summer outfit ideas that we wanted to share with everyone; let us know if there’s anything else you’d like to see included in our guide.

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