5 Plus Size Summer Outfit Formulas That Will Up Your Style Game

by Bisma Khan
A woman wearing summer jacket

Summer has finally arrived, and with it comes the opportunity to shop for new summer clothes and play around with fun summer outfits that give you the confidence to look and feel great in your body. Not every woman can pull off plus-size clothing, but if you find the right pieces, you’ll be amazed at how fabulous you can look. Here are five plus-size summer outfit formulas that will up your style game this season so you can shine no matter what the occasion.

How to Dress for Summer When You Are Plus Size

Summer is a hot and humid season. The temperature is high, so we need some summer outfit ideas for plus size to keep ourselves cool and also be fashionable. You can choose some shirtdresses or caftans as your summer outfits for plus size. They are light and you can make any designs on them. For example, you can put on some floral prints in these dresses and they will look great on you. However, keep in mind that design must be simpler when you use lots of bright colors in your clothing, otherwise, it will make you look less attractive than before.

Well, you may also want to choose some tops as your summer outfits for plus size. The most popular tops are tank tops and crop tops. They can make you look more stylish than before and they can also show off your beautiful curves to some extent. However, if you don’t want to show your body curves too much, then you should put on a shirt with a longer length and try not to expose too much of your skin so that people won’t look at them directly because it will make people feel very uncomfortable.

As for pants, skirts, or shorts in our summer outfits for plus size, we should choose those garments with an elastic waistband because we all know that an elastic waistband is comfortable.

1) Faded Stripes

A young woman wearing plus sized faded stripes black and white shirt

You can never go wrong with denim, and striped jeans are an extra cool take on a basic. They look dressy enough for date night and casual enough for breakfast at your favorite restaurant. Pair these sandals with some pretty earrings or wear them on their own.

To keep things trendy without being edgy, wear a more muted shade of red lipstick to add interest to your outfit. For summer outfit ideas for plus size that you can use during any season, try pairing colored skinny jeans with your favorite tanks from last year (in neutral colors like tan or black) and pair it all with heeled booties you’ve had since last fall that match any colored shirt in your closet!

2) Camouflage Prints

Camouflage prints are a fun and unique way to add some flair to your summer outfits. Make sure you opt for a pattern that’s more like a fishnet, instead of one that’s going to draw attention straight to your tummy—and in turn make it look bigger than it is. And when it comes to matching tops with bottoms, it’s okay if some parts clash; as long as you feel great and enjoy wearing whatever you put together, then it will be worth every penny.

And finally, when it comes to dressing for your body type, it’s more about being comfortable and looking great than about sticking to the rules of fashion. If you’re uncomfortable or feel restricted by an outfit you put together, then it may not be your best option. Remember, no outfit can ever look good if you’re wearing something that makes you uncomfortable!

3) Plaid Maxi Skirts with Cool Tops

A woman wearing plus sized plaid maxi with cool top

Summer clothes for plus size don’t have to be an afterthought. Mixing plaid maxi skirts with fabulous tops and lightweight layers is a great formula for getting more from your summer fashion closet. Use a tartan design to add fun, then layer on a white crop top or spaghetti strap tank for something fresh and easy. The print will still peek through your outfit, but you won’t get too warm in any one item. Also, consider denim tops and summer shorts for another trendy alternative that doesn’t skimp on style.

An additional option for ladies who want to up their summer-style game is layers. Simply put, a layering piece is an additional element that doesn’t make sense as a standalone item. In other words, you wouldn’t wear something like jeans or leggings on your own in warmer weather. Instead, you would incorporate them into another ensemble. Layering allows you to add some of your favorite items without having to replace them with more lightweight pieces in your summer wardrobe.

4) Dressing up Denim

A plus sized woman wearing white shirt with denim

Denim is a very versatile fabric and an absolute staple in everyone’s wardrobe. It can be dressed up or down depending on what you are wearing it with. Some of these style tips for dressing up denim for plus-size women could help you enjoy denim throughout the summer season. You need to pick a pair of jeans that suits your shape, then determine which top and shoes would go best with it.

Here are some clothing ideas that will help you dress up your denim for a plus-size look. If you are going out for a happy hour or dinner with friends, avoid tight cropped tops and keep things loose-fitting by picking tops like kimonos, maxi dresses, and cover-ups. Pair them with wedge heels and simple accessories like a scarf or sunglasses.

5) Neck or Off-the-Shoulder

To dress up a denim shirt, all you need to do is throw it on a pair of slim jeans and you’re good to go. If you want an even fancier look, opt for a V-neck instead of a crew neck, or go off-the-shoulder with your sleeves. These details instantly transform what would be just another casual summer outfit into something special and chic. Tuck in your shirt for extra femininity!


Choose clothes that bring out your positive features and try to work with what you have. Finding summer clothes for plus size can be quite a hassle but there are plenty of outfit formulas for everyone to experiment with and maximize their potential in every situation. Remember, it’s all about confidence, so don’t give up! If you find that you’re too nervous to wear something a little daring in public, try it out on your friends first or plan an event that allows for trial and error. Most importantly: Don’t hold back just because something doesn’t fit perfectly! It might take a bit of practice but at least you won’t ever say ‘I wish I had…’


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