7 Fastest Hair Growth Home Remedies That Work

by Bisma Khan
7 Fastest Hair Growth Home Remedies That Work

The loss of hair is something that most people deal with at some point in their lives, and when it does happen, it can be painful and embarrassing. So, as someone who just experienced the trauma of balding yourself (or seeing your loved one go through it), you’re probably eager to try any remedies that might get your hair growing back faster and thicker than before. And while countless products on the market claim they can do just that, we’ve got the 7 fastest hair growth home remedies that have the science behind them to back up their claims.

Coconut Oil

Many people believe that coconut oil is one of the fastest hair growth home remedies because it contains both saturated and unsaturated fats. Coconut oil can be used as a deep conditioner or as a daily moisturizer, but it’s most often used as a natural hair mask because of its high-fat content.

Hair masks are easy to make at home with just two ingredients: coconut oil and eggs. First, take an egg yolk and mix it with about six tablespoons of melted coconut oil. Apply this mixture to your dry hair for about thirty minutes before washing it out.

It’s important to note that if you have very long hair, you may need more than one egg yolk. In addition to being beneficial for faster hair growth, this treatment also adds shine and locks in moisture so your tresses look gorgeous all day long!

Egg Whites

A young woman with healthy long hair

One of the fastest hair growth home remedies is egg whites. Eggs are a rich source of protein and vitamin A, which can help your hair grow faster.

Plus, they’re also an inexpensive way to ensure that you’re eating enough protein as well. Try adding a raw egg white to your hair mask for three days in a row, or use an entire raw egg on your scalp overnight before washing it out with shampoo and conditioner.

Egg whites may not be the most pleasant-smelling option available, but they can help you get longer locks faster than you would generally be able to achieve using other remedies.

Aloe Vera

It is imperative to keep your scalp moisturized, and Aloe Vera is a wonderful way to do that. You can create a scalp mask by squeezing the gel out of an Aloe Vera leaf, and then use it as a hair mask by applying it from the roots down to the tips. It will help with not only faster hair growth home remedies but also increased hair strength. If you have dandruff or a dry scalp, Aloe Vera is your best friend- it relieves symptoms quickly and effectively!

Castor oil is One of the Reasons for the Fastest Hair Growth Remedies

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I started researching the fastest hair growth home remedies when I wanted to grow my hair. I used coconut oil, olive oil, and castor oil to promote faster hair growth.

I found that castor oil is one of the reasons for the most immediate hair growth home remedies because it has a natural ability to stimulate blood circulation and cell reproduction in the scalp. These two benefits help with faster hair growth.

I also learned that castor oil can be used to prevent hair loss by regulating hormones like DHT (dihydrotestosterone). Castor oil contains ricin oleic acid which improves scalp health by preventing dryness and flakiness. It’s also important to drink plenty of water so you stay hydrated for fast results.

Pumpkin Seeds

One fast hair growth home remedy is to eat pumpkin seeds. Pumpkin seeds are high in protein and zinc, which help your body produce collagen and keratin respectively, both of which contribute to hair growth. Zinc also helps heal skin conditions like rosacea which can be a contributor to hair loss. Pumpkin seeds also have omega-3 fatty acids that help reduce inflammation and promote faster healing.

Olive oil

1) Apply olive oil generously to your scalp (including the roots) and massage in a circular motion for about 10 minutes

2) Leave the oil on overnight or for at least 30 minutes before washing it out with a mild shampoo

3) Repeat this process every day or every other day to see faster hair growth home remedies results.

For years, women have used olive oil to encourage healthy hair growth. Not only is it packed with antioxidants and vitamins, but it also works to retain moisture in your hair, prevent breakage and split ends, and keep your scalp from drying out. The lauric acid in olive oil encourages faster hair growth home remedies by stimulating blood flow to your scalp which speeds up cell rejuvenation.

Another benefit is that olive oil won’t weigh down fine or thin hair. It’s a popular treatment for both dry scalps and dandruff thanks to its antimicrobial properties that can also help alleviate some of these issues as well.

Fenugreek Seeds

A young woman with fastest hair growth home remedies

Fenugreek is an herb that has been used for centuries in India, China, and Pakistan. Its seeds are often ground into a powder and boiled in water to make tea. Fenugreek seeds are also added to foods such as bread and curries. The herb is believed to have the ability to help hair grow faster when taken internally, but it can also be used topically on the scalp. Ground fenugreek seeds mixed with other ingredients such as olive oil or lemon juice can be applied directly onto the scalp for the treatment of dandruff and hair loss.

Dry fenugreek seeds can also be made into a paste by mixing them with water or milk. Once combined, this mixture should be left on the scalp overnight before being rinsed off.


If you’re in search of the fastest hair growth home remedies, look no further. These seven remedies are all effective and won’t leave your wallet empty.

– Olive oil: A rich source of omega-3s, it can help strengthen the follicles and keep them moisturized.

– Apple cider vinegar: ACV is an age-old remedy that helps stimulate hair growth by increasing circulation to the scalp.

– Castor oil: Castor oil is great for stimulating hair growth because it mimics sebum and can add moisture to the follicles.

– Green tea: Green tea has caffeine that helps increase blood flow to the scalp, which promotes healthy hair growth. Drinking a few cups a day will also help curb cravings and make weight loss easier. I would also suggest adding fresh lemon juice or apple cider vinegar for even more benefits.

– Cucumbers: Cucumbers are extremely hydrating, so they’ll work wonders on dry scalps that may be preventing hair from growing out at its full potential. And don’t worry about smelling like cucumber; just massage it into your skin or wet hair before applying other products!


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