Get the Look You Want with Micro Scalp Pigmentation

by Bisma Khan
A man attends a medical clinic to receive scalp micro-pigmentation.

Micro scalp pigmentation (MSP) is exactly what it sounds like. Through the application of certain pigments, you can make your hair look thicker, darker, or lighter—whatever you want! Because MSP pigments are so small, they are undetectable to anyone but you—plus, you can apply them yourself with an easy-to-use kit in the comfort of your own home. Read on to learn more about micro scalp pigmentation and how this product can help you achieve your desired look without any health risks or side effects.

What is Micro Scalp Pigmentation

Close up shot of scalp micro-pigmentation for bald men. Medical treatment for hair imitation. micro scalp pigmentation in being performed on an scalp

It’s a medical procedure where pigment is injected into the scalp using a special needle. The effect is subtle and results in a more textured, full look. It can fill out hair that has been thinned by alopecia or some other form of hair loss. It can also be used to add volume to larger areas of thinning hair around the crown or temples without having to undergo surgery. Scalp micro pigmentation might cost anywhere from $500 to $2,000 depending on your location and who you choose for your provider. It takes about an hour and doesn’t involve pain or downtime; you can usually get back to work right away.

How Long Does it Take

Micro-pigmentation on the scalp is a procedure that can be completed in about an hour. Depending on your hair length, stylist, and vision for your new look, it may take a little longer. On average, a micro pigmentation treatment should take between one and two hours to complete. This is why it’s important to find an experienced stylist or beautician who can ensure that your time spent at their studio is productive and well spent.

Some micro pigmentation services only require one visit, while others require multiple appointments. The number of visits will depend on your preferred hairstyle and whether or not you wish to lighten your hair first. If you don’t want to wear a cap during treatment or plan on getting a full head of micro pigmentation, it may take two or more sessions for your beautician to complete all of their work. Two weeks after treatment, touch-ups can be scheduled if needed.

Who Is Eligible

Any individual who is interested in, but scared of undergoing traditional scalp pigmentation treatment can benefit from micro pigmentation on the scalp. This particular medical procedure is an effective alternative to eyebrow and hair strokes as it is less invasive. Patients can opt for it again if they want to change their current hair color. It has no side effects, unlike chemical dyes or permanent makeup procedures.

However, since pain management isn’t available when getting micro pigmentation on the scalp, patients should ask their dermatologist about a suitable numbing cream that could be used for topical application before treatment. Patients will have to book one or two follow-up sessions after undergoing micro pigmentation treatment for about 1 hour each time to complete their desired look.

Benefits of Having Micro Scalp Pigmentation

Unlike many hair transplant procedures, there is little to no downtime involved in getting micro scalp pigmentation. The procedure can also give you a fuller, more natural look since you can choose your color. It’s also a relatively inexpensive way to get rid of balding or thinning hair. Most of all, it allows you to conceal your thinning hair without affecting any other parts of your head; therefore it looks natural and professional.

If you’re interested in having scalp micro pigmentation done but have questions about whether or not it will be effective for you and how much it will cost, speak with your hairstylist as soon as possible! They’ll be able to go over everything and determine if it’s right for you!

Cost of Micro Scalp Pigmentation

Micro scalp pigmentation costs vary depending on how extensive you want your treatments to be. The average cost for full head scalp pigmentation is between $4,000 and $7,000, but it’s possible to complete treatment for as little as $1,000—and it’s important to note that less expensive doesn’t always mean higher quality. Always research your options thoroughly before deciding on any treatment; if you find an extremely cheap price tag attached to something like micro scalp pigmentation or semi-permanent hair coloring, it could indicate that something was missing from your consultation.

Easy For Travelers

Many people don’t like to dye their hair because it takes hours to set, but scalp micro pigmentation, or SMP, is a much quicker and less invasive option. SMP is ideal for travelers. It only takes about 15 minutes to apply each time you go back to your old country or on vacation (much quicker than box dyes), and it’s gentle enough that you won’t need extra strength products after you leave your hotel room. An SMP treatment can be performed in as little as one visit, though if you plan on using dark tones—such as black—it may take two or three sessions to achieve your desired look.


Micro-pigmentation is not an invasive process, and it leaves no scars. What’s more, since it takes place in a doctor’s office or medical spa, you don’t have to go through hours of recovery time at home; you can just move on with your day after getting micro pigmentation done. For any woman who wants to look younger without undergoing surgery, micro pigmentation can be an excellent option.

Micro scalp pigmentation can also be used for other applications. If you have scarring or hair loss from conditions like alopecia, androgenetic alopecia, burns, or any condition that is not responding to other treatments, micro scalp pigmentation may be a viable option.

Moreover, because micro scalp pigmentation is usually done in a medical spa or clinic setting rather than a tattoo parlor, you will have access to equipment like high-definition cameras so that your technician can evaluate and work on your scalp to ensure it looks natural. With micro scalp pigmentation as an option for covering scars, there’s no need to live with embarrassing marks interfering with your life.

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