Review of Peri Pera Lip Tint – Is It Really Worth It?

by Bisma Khan
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Peri Pera has become increasingly popular over the last few years thanks to its bold lip products and adorable characters, but how do these lip tints hold up? How long does the stain last? What does it feel like on the lips? Is it hard to remove? These questions and more are all answered in my thorough review of Peri Pera lip tint!

Why I Purchased

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I purchased Peri Pera Ink lip tint because I heard how good it was and I was so curious to try it. The ink name itself sold me, but once I swatched it in-store, my want turned into a need. The tint was sold out that day so I had to wait until a few weeks later for them to get more.

They are not easy to find since they are released at a different date every month or two months so you have to keep checking back often if you wanted one or ask someone who lives in that area if they can order it for you!

On top of being easily misplaced/lost, with 21 different colors, there is one for everyone!

Packaging, Design, and Texture

Peripera lip tint bottles of different shades are displayed

The lip tint comes in a tube with a glossy white, black and pink design. The look is sleek and modern, but also reminds me very much of Japan… I just can’t put my finger on why!

One thing I will say about it is that being quite tall (long) and quite thin (diameter), it can be awkward to use. If you’re used to squeezing regular lipsticks out of small tubes, it might be an issue for you.

Alternatively, if you like using a pencil-type brush to apply your liquid lipstick then this shouldn’t bother you at all! The product is light pink/peach colored – a bit darker than most Korean lip tints – and very smooth.

How to Use

Apply a light layer to your lips by dabbing it on with a finger or swiping it onto your lips with a brush. The tints are quite pigmented and only require a small amount for full coverage.

If you accidentally apply too much, just wipe off any excess with a tissue or cotton bud before applying another layer. You can also mix colors to create your custom shade!

Does it Work as a Stain?

Different shades of lip tint is displayed

Reviewing any type of product requires you to be familiar with what it’s supposed to do. Before applying Peripera Ink Lip Tint, I was somewhat skeptical.

The color on the wand itself looked more like a stain than a traditional lip tint, and I’ve never used anything like it before. But after trying it out for myself,

I can say that it has all of the qualities of a good lip tint. Its pigment and coverage are rich, yet still, allow for flexibility when applying different layers.

And since its consistency is not too thick or thin, you won’t have to worry about smudging or missing spots while using your fingers instead of a brush.

Does it Survive Meals and Drinking Water?

Yes! There was no evidence of fading when I ate and drank with it. The color might appear a little bit lighter due to my lip’s natural moisture level but it doesn’t fade or disappear into nothingness. After 2 hours, only a small part of the color started to fade off while most parts are still visible on my lips so I had to reapply one or two times on my dry lip areas.

But as long as you keep your lip moisturized, it should be okay! And if you’re eating food (like sushi for example) then just do the dab dab dab method instead of rubbing your lips together because that makes parts of your lipstick disappear faster than other parts. 🙂

Does it Dry out the Lips?

Unfortunately, I’ve found that a lot of tints have drying effects on my lips and make my lips feel stiffer than they were before. Not so with Peripera Ink lip tint. The formula is smooth and creamy, which I find particularly helpful in staving off any drying effects. On top of that, there isn’t any irritating scent that lingers for a few hours after application!

What’s also nice about it is how lightweight it feels; there is a faint slickness when you put it on but it quickly fades away once you start doing your daily activities.

The Takeaway

Products that are sold out almost immediately tend to be products, especially when they come from an independent brand. I was lucky enough to get my hands on a few Peripera Ink tints and tried them out for myself.

The packaging is adorable, but what I like about them is how good they look on my lips. Their vibrant colors can last all day, though they’ll eventually fade after a while, even hours later, there’s still pigment on my lips.

It feels like wearing nothing at all and since you only need a tiny amount (like a cotton bud tip), it’ll last me so long! On top of that, each tube costs less than USD 10.


When trying out different kinds of lip tints, I can’t help but return to Peripera Ink Lip Tint. Not only is it cute, but it’s also one of the few tints that stays put. If you want a long-lasting tint or even just a cool new Korean cosmetic to try out, Peripera Ink might be perfect for you! That being said, no product is right for everyone and each person has their preferences in how they want their tint to look.

Just because something works well for me doesn’t mean it will work well for you so before you make any major purchases, try out some other products first if possible! Who knows? You might fall in love with another brand!


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